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  • Description: This app provides users with the ability to easily manage their account anytime, anywhere. Take care of key account management tasks with features designed specifically for mobile device.
    Technologies: Java and Android SDK.
Wedding Planning
  • Description: Everything you need to plan your wedding. Tools: To-do List/Budget/Invitations. Plan your wedding. Start saving on your wedding today. Task Done/Remain
    - Total Paid/Payable
    - Total Invitations/Delivered/Remain Tools
    - Checklist/Timeline(to-do List) - Add/Edit/Delete all the tasks
    - Budget - Add/Edit/Delete item and amount
    - Invitations - Add/Edit/Delete all the invites
    - Export to email
    Technologies: Java and Android SDK.
  • Description: Entur is a Recording Studio booking app.Based upon studio service the customer can book the session..
    Technologies: Java and Android SDK.
Pocket Cash
  • Description: Pocket Cash is a handy budgeting, income and expense tracking application. It will help you keep track of where your money is spent while keeping you within your budget easily!
    Technologies: Appache Cordova framework.
  • Description: PDATrade is a powerful financial application that gives you access to the stock market anywhere, anytime! With PDATrade, you can stream over 75 stocks in real-time, directly to your iPhone. You can also access market stats, snap quotes, news, charts, and more, all in real time. Enjoy one-click access to your trade brokerage's mobile site to make trades on the go. This is an application used to get the latest stock information and to keep watch on the user's stocks.
    Technologies: Objective-C, iPhone SDK 3.0, Cocoa API, SQLite
  • Description: This app helps the user to read the eBooks available in the web world through there iPhones. User can download the e-Book (.pdf format) and read it in an iPhone compatible version.
    Technologies: Objective-C, iPhone SDK 3.0, Cocoa API, SQLite
  • Description: HotelSearch is a app that lets you browse and search live availability and rates from hotels all over the world. When you find your hotel, secure the perfect room with easy in-app reservations. HotelSearch is perfect for last-minute plans, canceled flights, road trips or just exploring your next destination.
    Technologies: Objective-C, iPhone SDK 3.0, Cocoa API, SQLite
  • Description: Save at your favorite restaurants with DineTonite! Our iPhone app gives you the same great service as our website, all while on-the-go! Search for your favorite restaurant, or find new ones based on your location. In just a few clicks, you'll have a table waiting for you and a discount already applied to your check! Log in to see your active reservations and check your account balances. DineTonite is simple, intuitive, and best of all, it saves you money!.
    Technologies: Objective-C, iPhone SDK 3.0, Cocoa API, SQLite
  • Description: iHeadache is an application which gives its users to track there headaches in real time. It gives the facility to track number of headaches, severity, medications taken, time gaps, triggers for headaches. iHeadache is a one stop solution who are suffering from recurring headaches, so that they can track the cause and headache details with there iphone. Users can also create customized triggers and medications as per there daily routine. iHeadache gives and extra edge to such people and give them an helping hand while visiting a doctor, so that they can easily describe the details to there physician.
    Technologies: Objective-C, iPhone SDK 3.0, Cocoa API, SQLite
Pro Studio
  • Description: ProStudio’s is a Mobile multi-Track Recording Studio in your Pocket. Pre- Selected Beats from industry Platinum & Grammy Awarded & Nominated Producers & Song writers.
    The project involves features as follows:
    1. Email importing Audio directly into ProStudioApp .
    2. iTunes file Sharing .
    3. Record up to 4 layers of audio Tracks.
    4. Unlimited Project.
    5. Email your projects directly from the app.
    6. Live Audio Monitoring.
    7. Unlimited Instrumental count.
    8. importing and exporting on wifi.
    Technologies: Objective-C, iPhone SDK 3.0, Cocoa API, SQLite
Health Remedy
  • Description: This unique application will give you information about natural ways to cure and most importantly prevent health problems along with tips to lead a healthy life.Why go to the doctor for every little issue. iHealth will give you information that experts might not discuss.Why take tablets and chemicals with lots of side-effects when there are natural ways to heal and live healthy.iHealth also has information about supplements and natural cures for the below health issues. Natural remedies are not miracle cures. Every body reacts differently, so the remedies have to be repeated until relief or stopped if the condition stays the same after continued use.
    Technologies: Objective-C, iPhone SDK 3.0, Cocoa API, SQLite

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